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Umoja Foundation’s charity NFT collection that supports Ugandan orphans mints November 28 for Giving Tuesday The era of opaque humanitarian aid is coming to an end. The Umoja Foundation is pulling charity work out of the stone age and onto its future path, immortalized on the blockchain.

News release by Umoja Foundation

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 Umoja Foundation, the philanthropic web3 project, has unveiled their first collection of 6,050 charity NFTs set to mint on November 28 for Giving Tuesday.

Hinging on the limitless possibilities that web3 opens up for direct humanitarian impact, Umoja’s mission starts with evolving NFTs into social tokens for good, providing altruistic, real-world utility.

Following the likes of mainstream financial companies, such as PayPal, MoneyGram, CashApp, Venmo, who are adapting their platforms for cryptocurrency, Umoja seeks to usher in the mass adoption era of NFTs by revolutionizing the concept of philanthropy.

Umoja believes the next generation of philanthropy belongs on the blockchain thanks to its numerous benefits, including transparent and immutable transactions that create trust, unique passive revenue opportunities, visible direct impact for patrons, and limitless potential that’s only just begun to be tapped.

Ideated by the very people the project supports, each Umoja charity NFT supports the orphans and surrounding needy community of Dasom Ministries Orphanage in Uganda. The 17 resident children of Dasom Ministries, led by Joel Muwonge, are not only the beneficiaries of the project’s proceeds, but also the artistic visionaries behind every piece of generative art in the collection.

Prompts imagined by the children such as “I imagine a lion carrying a young boy [on] its back, running through a body of water” or “I imagine of a woman dressed in a white dress, walking through a field of blue and white flowers” are fed, along with a secret sauce of artistic direction coined by Umoja’s Founder Tiffany Stewart, into a generative art program to create Umoja’s unique, dreamlike pieces.

Proceeds from Umoja’s NFT sales provide direct real-world value by funding Dasom Ministries’ recurring expenses like food, medicine, education, and clothing, and fixed-cost projects like constructing a larger home, purchasing a transport van, and a clean water project.

During the 17-day mint period (representing the 17 children in Dasom Ministries’ care), the debut collection will feature 200 30/30 pieces and 50 1/1 pieces, priced roughly at the Ethereum equivalent of $50 USD and $150 USD respectively. These price points are designed to create an accessible yet impactful entry point for a philanthropic web3 contribution.

Available exclusively on Rarible, any of the Ethereum-backed resales of Umoja’s NFTs will generate royalties to fund the foundation’s ongoing support. Umoja emphasizes resales as an integral component of their model, stressing the importance of viewing these pieces as an investment in real-world utility: With each resale, 7% royalties are routed back to Umoja to supply replenishment of resources and ongoing support to Dasom Ministries, as well as expansion efforts.

Leveraging the borderless aspects of web3 to bridge the world’s technology gap and better share the wealth, Umoja aspires to become a larger vehicle for social good. Future collections will include animated and physical NFTs, and support wider communities in Uganda, Africa, and beyond.


Umoja is a web3 NFT project with real-world utility. We generate art imagined by the kids our proceeds support at Dasom Ministries Orphanage in Uganda. Umoja’s first collection mints November 28, 2023.





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