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Unprecedented Metaverse Mobile Game MetaCity M’s Second Wave of NFT Land Sales Announced Today

News release by Gamamobi

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TAIPEI , TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 9 May 2022 - The Gamamobi world-first open world metaverse game MetaCity M, announced the timing and pricing of its second wave of NFT virtual land sales.

MetaCity M》’s second wave of NFT land will go on sale on 5/10 at 12:00 PM (GMT +8)

The Era of the Metaverse is Coming – Second Land Release, Land Investor Certificates Announced

The second wave of land NFT pre-sale will officially start at 12:00 PM (GMT +8) on May 10th. A total of 60,000 Planet Titan lots will be released worldwide. Land can be purchased for 0.17 WETH, or 499 USD if paying by credit card.


MetaCity M》 Land Blind Box buyers get the opportunity to own both a virtual and real-life premium electric cars


In "MetaCity M", each game-owned land is divided into 5 parts. With 12,000 game-owned land, 60,000 Land Investor Certificate NFTs will be sold in blind boxes, for player investment opportunities. Players can purchase these NFTs for 0.04 WETH, or credit card for 99 USD( No gas fee). With a Land Investor Certificate NFT, players can earn in-game ‘Meta Coins’ by profiting from a portion of rent paid on game-retained land and it can also be transferred freely on secondary markets.

The most powerful NFT out, "E-FLASH NFT" features both a real and metaverse car.

In conjunction with the second wave of 60,000 land blind box sales, Gamamobi released a limited number of 20 "E-FLASH NFT" . All players who participate in the second wave of land purchases by picking up a land box will have a chance to win the "E-FLASH NFT". Winners get to take home an E-FLASH metaverse electric car and a real-life Tesla Model 3.

Purchase land in the second wave to be join the whitelist of players due to receive limited-edition in-game model props

After purchasing land during the second wave of pre-sales, players have the opportunity to become the neighbor of MetaCity M global model. The best part is, by buying land in the second wave of MetaCity M’s land pre-sales, you will get a chance to receive two limited edition model themed items in two months! The purchase right of the limited-edition item ‘Global model’s Holographic Music Decoration’– and an exclusive ‘indoor poster’ will be given to players free by airdrop.

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《MetaCity M》NFT Land Sales:https://www.metacitym.com/landevent

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