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Valant Launches its Prospective Patient Management Tool to Help Behavioral Health Practices Match Patients with the Optimal Clinician The First-of-its-Kind Electronic Health Record Integration Supports Patient Retention and Provider Satisfaction

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon SEATTLE | December 06, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

 Valant, a cloud-based EHR for behavioral health practices, today launched its Prospective Patient Management tool to help match new patients with the optimal behavioral health provider. It is integrated with Valant’s EHR platform, offering practices a frictionless way to receive new patient inquiries and quickly match them with a clinician. This can improve a practice’s intake efficiency, patient experience, and clinician satisfaction.

With Valant’s Prospective Patient Management tool, behavioral health practices can make informed decisions regarding which patients to treat based on readily available data assessing prospective patient profiles alongside the practice’s clinician profiles and a prioritized list of their best match. Better matches of clinicians and new patients can improve patient retention and clinician job satisfaction. Both have a direct impact on practice revenue.

"Valant's Prospective Patient Management Tool has dramatically reduced our clinician load by initiating the first contact with a patient and beginning the scheduling process. Clients have been able to directly and conveniently request specific staff and provide insurance information that directly populates into their chart," said Greg Snyder, Ph.D, Owner and Psychologist at Perspective Behavioral Health. "This reduces the complexity of the first phone call and provides meaningful information that aids in scheduling and assigning clients to specific clinicians."

Today, receiving and managing prospective patients is a challenging and labor-intensive process for practices. Using manual methods to field service requests creates inefficiencies for providers and staff. Designed for the unique needs of behavioral health practices, Valant’s new tool transforms a once manual patient onboarding process into a digital, patient-driven workflow.

“Our Prospective Patient Management tool does everything from screening prospective patients and matching them with the best available providers to playing phone tag to chase information and schedule intake,” said Ram Krishnan, CEO of Valant. “Practices can save between 20 to 25 minutes of talking and processing inquiries per new patient as well as reduce the potential for data errors, outdated records, and data breaches.”

Valant’s Prospective Patient Management tool:

  • Offers a customizable, embeddable inquiry form linked to Valant’s EHR;

  • Includes a prospect database, similar to a CRM, that collects and stores inquiries for practices to manage; and

  • Provides a unique matching algorithm that matches patients and providers based on treatment profile, expertise, and insurance.

Behavioral health practices can also verify prospective patient insurance information before accepting the individual as a new patient and can refer prospective patients whose insurance isn’t contracted by the practice.

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