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Valant Unveils MYIO, a First-of-its-Kind Patient Portal Mobile App for Behavioral Healthcare The New Mobile App Creates a Central Hub for Practices and Patients to Connect to Improve Patient Outcomes

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon SEATTLE | November 02, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

 Valant, a leading EHR for behavioral healthcare practices, today launched MYIO, the first all-in-one behavioral health-specific patient engagement mobile app. MYIO, which is short for My Improved Outcomes, offers a secure solution intended to improve both patient and practice outcomes. It enables practices to boost productivity and streamline operations while increasing patient engagement.

With MYIO, patients can join telehealth sessions, sign intake forms, complete assessments, securely message their behavioral health provider, view and request appointments, update payment information, and make online payments. This alleviates the burden often placed on administrative staff and allows them to handle patient questions and requests that do not require their provider's attention. Additionally, MYIO alleviates manual tasks once left to providers, giving them the opportunity to focus on patient care.

MYIO helps behavioral healthcare practices bypass the manual entry of patient data into multiple systems, thereby improving operational efficiencies. With the app, new patients can easily onboard by entering demographic data and submitting credit card and insurance information, signing clinical intake forms, requesting appointments, paying balances, and more.

“Mental health requires constant communication and engagement to keep patients motivated to continue their care. Our vision with MYIO is to give providers a means to keep that engagement going, long after appointments are complete,” said Valant’s Chief Executive Officer, Ram Krishnan. “We are pleased to offer patients a cohesive, supportive experience and providers the technology to help make high-quality behavioral healthcare available to everyone while improving outcomes. Practices with outpatient behavioral health clients will benefit by having this secure central hub to stay connected and also have access to health data.”

While using the app, patients can communicate with their behavioral healthcare provider or office staff to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, and register for additional services from their portal account using the integrated secure messaging feature.

 Willamette Health & Wellness, a behavioral healthcare practice in Portland, OR, is an early adopter of the MYIO app. Prior to working with Valant, Williamette’s billing department spent hours manually sending patients billing statements and asking them to pay bills through a separate system.

“Our previous billing process was very labor-intensive for the practice and unnecessarily complex for patients,” said Willamette Health & Wellness Billing Specialist Shea Musick. “We used to have an entire manual workflow dedicated to sending out statements, replying to questions, and directing patients to submit payments on the practice website via a third-party portal. Valant’s integrated patient portal app, MYIO, has completely streamlined the process, saving our office hours of administrative work each day.”

MYIO offers integrated secure messaging and a streamlined way for behavioral healthcare practices to:

  • Securely communicate with patients outside of appointments;

  • Give patients access to their behavioral health information and upcoming appointments;

  • Automatically collect and update patient information;

  • Send outcome measures for patients to complete prior to and in between visits;

  • Receive patient payments and signed intake or consent forms;

  • Host virtual visits with patients, with the option to automatically collect payment prior to the session; and

  • Offer behavioral health resources for ongoing patient education.

The release of MYIO coincides with significant improvements to Valant’s browser-based patient portal experience and secure messaging feature.

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