VBOX ATSC 3.0 ANDROID TV GATEWAY Expanded ATSC 3.0 TV Broadcast Reception & Live Restreaming Capabilities

News release by VBox Communications

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Presenting at CES® 2022 – January 5-8, 2022

Venetian Expo/Eureka Park – Booth #61708



VBox Communications, an expert in live broadcast TV streaming and recording, announced the expansion of capabilities for its ATSC 3.0 Android TV Gateway —which now includes clear, seamless and high-quality streaming of live or recorded ATSC 3.0 broadcast signals to companion devices running Android TV OS.

VBox Communications will be presenting at CES® 2022 in the Venetian Expo/Eureka Park section of Tech West – Booth #61708, from January 5-8, 2022.

VBox’s quad-tuner ATSC 3.0 Android Gateway enables any Android-compliant companion device with Dolby AC-4 decoding capabilities to receive, record and play ATSC 3.0 broadcast signals over any local network, including these notable enhancements:

  • Streaming HEVC 4K video and Dolby AC-4 audio to companion devices
  • Content recasting to multiple network-connected devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and TV screens)
  • DVR-recorded content access and viewing from any Android-compatible connected device
  • Enhanced Electronic Service Guides (ESG)
  • Advanced Emergency Alerts
  • Broadcast applications testing environment.
  • SDK provision to enable 3rd-party development

In addition, the company has also launched a testing kit that includes an ATSC 3.0 broadcast receiver device, accompanied by an SDK.

“We invite broadcasters, service providers, application developers, and system integrators to participate in our new ATSC 3.0 Testbed program, designed to help evaluate the performance and test the latest developments in the ATSC 3.0 market,” said Jonathan Rind, VBox’s Marketing Director.

VBox devices – including SDKs – are available for testing, evaluating and analyzing both linear ATSC 1.0 & 3.0 broadcast signals, as well as “beyond TV” ATSC 3.0 functionality, such as ESGs, advanced emergency alerting, broadcast apps, etc.

The company has also a planned product for the evolving 5G Broadcast standard.

More information about the ATSC 3.0 Android Gateway can be found at: https://vboxcomm.com/landing/landing-atsc3/ or by contacting VBox: marketing@vboxcomm.com.


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VBox Communications (https://vboxcomm.com/) is an expert in Digital TV, offering products that deliver live TV broadcasts (e.g. DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, DVB-S/S2, ISDB-T/ATSC) to IP, combined with OTT video streaming services, for home and business use.


VBox’s innovative, end-to-end firmware, software, and hardware solutions empower telcos, STB/streamer OEMs, and integrators to harness the benefits of converged live broadcast and IP- based TV – while helping grow revenues, streamlining communications and reducing costs.




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