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VGC EIS Evergreen targeting "scrappy founders with hustle"

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VGC Partners Fund Manager Phoebe Scriven speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive London about the launch of the new VGC EIS Evergreen fund that she has taken personal charge of. She explains that the new fund is designed to take maximum advantage of VGC's extensive experience in the lifestyle, wellness, and entertainment sectors as well as the strong track record of its SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) portfolio, saying that the new fund "is combining the best of both of those in an EIS vehicle."


She goes on to suggest where VGC believes it has an edge of its competitors in the space, highlighting its established specialism, its network and its use of data. With a strategic focus on revenue-generating companies, the new fund seeks determined and resilient founders who demonstrate a "scrappy" attitude.


The fund will be operating on a two-tranche-per-year basis, targeting Seed and Series A investments in EIS eligible companies. Scriven highlights that VGC Partners sees opportunities to capitalise on attractive valuations and lower competition, given the current jitters in various markets.


"What we've seen is a lot of investors who aren't specialists getting really nervous about decision making and drawing away from it... to us, that's great - that's actually less competition. We're still really secure in our investment decisions... there are some great valuations out there which obviously we're going to try and get on behalf of our investors."


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