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Video On Demand Technology Provider Intelivideo and CIPIO Partner to Increase Customer Retention in the Hybrid B2C Subscription Economy Breakthrough AI-based solution enables gyms, health clubs, and fitness operators to maximize subscriber engagement and lifetime value

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon Fairfax, VA | May 12, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

CIPIO, a B2C Subscription Customer Success company, today announced the start of a strategic partnership with Intelivideo, a Video on Demand (VOD) and Livestreaming digital platform provider for gyms, health clubs, and fitness operators. The partnership empowers Intelivideo’s customers with unmatched visibility and actionable intelligence into subscriber behavior, helping them increase subscriber engagement while proactively preventing churn.

The partnership will enable Intelivideo’s customers to acquire a competitive advantage in the rapidly transforming fitness market, fighting its way through the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic. In today’s fitness market, where 76% of all consumers have had to switch to at-home workouts to accommodate the constraints of social distancing, Intelivideo has helped brick-and-mortar gyms and health clubs rapidly transform themselves to serve the needs of customers, in the process solidifying its role as a frontrunner in the digital fitness space.

“Our customers have a significant amount of data and customer signals. CIPIO's capability to package those signals up in Data Apps with hyper-personalized predictions and recommendations for the digital subscriber is a game-changer” said Adam Zietsiff, President and CEO of Intelivideo. “We are very excited to partner with CIPIO to help our customers grow exponentially by providing them with predictive recommendations to proactively prevent subscriber churn – thus closing out a critical loop when it comes to retaining subscriptions.”

To move beyond the BI and AI status quo, health club operators need solutions that help them deliver real business value instead of getting them stalled by technology and implementation hurdles. CIPIO eliminates all the bottlenecks from Data to ROI, thus accelerating time to value for businesses. With over two million subscriber churn-specific algorithms and nearly code-free building blocks, CIPIO’s Data Apps use AI to unify all the siloed data lifecycle steps, operationalize automated workflows, and recommend insights directly into engagement systems. This empowers fitness stakeholders and non-technical users across levels to rapidly uncover trends and engagement patterns and make timely decisions to delight subscribers across all channels and devices consistently.

“Following the pandemic, health and fitness are more important to consumers than ever before. We are obsessed with helping fitness operators with the critical task of serving the health and wellness crises that the COVID pandemic has created,” said Growson Edwards, CEO of CIPIO. “CIPIO’s Domain-Infused Data Apps Platform™ arms health club operators with unprecedented customer intelligence aimed at enhancing subscriber engagement and retention for continued growth.”

CIPIO’s entry into the OTT market could not have happened at a better time when the segment is witnessing skyrocketing demand for media and entertainment, virtual fitness, elearning, and gaming. CIPIO’s Domain-Infused Data Apps helps OTT players manage subscription fatigue and offers incentivized retention recommendations to increase member loyalty and minimize churn.

About Intelivideo:

Established in 2013, Intelivideo is a Video On Demand (VOD) and digital technology platform for gyms and health clubs. Intelivideo is committed to developing strong partnerships with the fitness industry to help deliver premium on-demand and livestreaming experiences to clients' member bases. The platform's end-to-end solution helps clubs build a successful Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) business to complement brick-and-mortar facilities and services, helping them differentiate themselves from disruptive third-party digital fitness offerings in a hyper-local, hybrid fashion.

About CIPIO:

CIPIO is pioneering the Industry's first domain-infused Data Apps Platform™ that humanizes and automates predictions and recommendations to increase Subscriber engagement, retention, and growth for B2C Subscription Companies. CIPIO's early adopters include Crunch Fitness, Industry's Gym, Xponential Fitness, Motor City Church, Pure Barre, Club Pilates, AKT, YogaSix, NCFit, Cyclebar, RowHouse, Stretch Lab, and Stride who have witnessed a significant return on investment in a short time.

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