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Vinanz Ltd. Expands Bitcoin Mining Operations in North America

Vinanz Ltd
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Vinanz Limited Executive Chairman David Lenigas joined Steve Darling from Proactive at our OTC studio in New York City to discuss the company's recent developments. Vinanz is a London-based Bitcoin mining company with a dual listing on the OTCQB. Lenigas outlined Vinanz's strategic positioning primarily in North America, with operations in Nebraska and Labrador, Canada. The company recently obtained DTC eligibility, which enhances its market presence, particularly in the U.S., and supports its market capitalization and growth objectives.

Lenigas highlighted Vinanz's focus on expanding its North American operations by adding clusters of 250 to 500 Bitcoin miners across various states and provinces. Despite the typical reduction in Bitcoin production during a recent 'halving' event, Vinanz experienced an initial increase in production in Canada, which Lenigas attributed to overclocking older machines to enhance performance by 15-20%. Although this anomaly was short-lived, production stabilized at a higher-than-expected rate, reflecting the company's commitment to leveraging innovative technologies and maintaining competitive electricity costs.

Looking ahead, Vinanz plans to significantly expand and install new mining equipment to enhance efficiency and productivity. The company remains committed to its strategic growth trajectory and aims to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the Bitcoin mining sector.


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