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Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Secures $1.9 Million Sales Contract for Latin America

Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd
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Voyageur Pharmaceuticals CEO Brent Willis joined Steve Darling from Proactive to announce a significant milestone for the company with the signing of its first sales contract valued at USD $1.9 million. The contract spans a three-year term and involves a distribution partner specializing in radiology drugs in Latin America.

Under the agreement, the distribution partner will have exclusivity in two Latin American countries, facilitated by covering all regulatory and licensing costs. The contract pricing structure is based on achieving volume milestones, providing incentives for both parties to drive sales growth.

Willis highlighted that this major sales distribution agreement positions Voyageur to expand its market presence across Latin America. The company's flagship product, SmoothX®2% w/v, will serve as the lead entry product, with plans to introduce additional products, including Vision HD® 98%, Vision LD® 96%, Smooth HD® 105%, Smooth LD® 60%, and V-Gas®.

SmoothX®2% w/v, currently available for immediate sales and distribution, is a contrast media designed for use in Computed Tomography (CT) of the gastrointestinal tract. The product's formulation of barium supports high-quality imaging, offering reproducible results for accurate diagnosis and image comparison. Clinical tests have demonstrated patient preference for SmoothX over existing products used in CT imaging, indicating its potential for market success.

This sales contract signifies an important step forward for Voyageur Pharmaceuticals, positioning the company for growth and expansion in the Latin American market.


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