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Voyageur Pharmaceuticals "sees a gap in the market" for domestically-produced barium

Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd
News release by Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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Proactive Research Analyst Daniel Appiah speaks to Thomas Warner from the Londons studio after publishing a new research note on Canadian medical imaging contrast media company Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd (TSX-V:VM) (OTC:VYYRF).

Appiah gives an overview of the note and the company itself, explaining that contrast agents containing barium sulphate or iodine are consumed prior to x-rays or CT scans, aiding doctors in visualizing the interior of the body.

Voyageur aims to leverage its own facilities and resources to establish an integrated value chain for these agents in North America. The company has already launched its first product in Canada, with plans to expand to the US post-FDA approvals.

By 2025, Voyageur intends to source barium from its fully-owned Frances Creek Mine, potentially reducing raw ingredient costs significantly. Appiah explains that Voyageur is currently seeking funding to help support its development.


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