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Wage inflation And The High Cost Of Fuel: Creating Favorable Economic Conditions For Acquisitions And Crowdfunding? By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga

News release by ACFN Franchised Inc.

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ACFN Franchised Inc. is a unique franchisor providing opportunities to American entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a part-time franchise. ACFN has 220 franchises in 46 states and serves over 2,700 corporate clients nationwide.

ACFN leverages its franchise model to dramatically cut costs creating a sustainable competitive advantage vs other companies in the industry operating traditional corporate models.

While other corporate business models prepare for a volatile economic climate due to global inflation and high fuel costs, ACFN’s low-cost franchise model is preparing for continued success. Its model requires little to no overhead, staffing or operational expenses.

The award-winning company has been recognized by Bloomberg TV and Entrepreneur Franchise 500 listings and rankings. The company is the largest provider of ATM services to hotels in the U.S with more than 1,800 hotels in their portfolio. ACFN’s management has over 26 years of experience in the ATM industry and over 19 years in franchising, so the company is confident in its future success.

The company is raising money for current acquisition opportunities while simultaneously working to diversify its revenue. The company is investing in on-screen advertising, cell phone charging stations, Pharma-Vending and adding advanced software solutions to existing ATMs to enable Dynamic Currency Conversion (“DCC”) and buying and selling of Bitcoin.

ACFN Has A History Of Successful Acquisitions

ACFN is Crowdfunding on Republic. The company Form C SEC filing discloses 90% of proceeds will go to fund acquisitions. It’s not the first time the company expanded its reach. In 2018 and 2020, ACFN completed two successful acquisitions. Both were funded privately and resulted in a 26.5% increase in transaction volume.

The company’s mission is to achieve rapid growth through acquisitions of competitors that are looking to exit the market. The growth will allow ACFN to expand its corporate relationships, increase its franchise community and increase transaction volume.

ACFN is perfectly situated in the market as the only franchise model and low-cost leader in the ATM industry. Competitors operating with a traditional corporate structure are challenged by wage and fuel expenses increasing resulting in lower margins and reducing profits.

With ACFN’s franchise model, its franchise owners, and by extension, the company, are not negatively impacted by the current market conditions. In fact, ACFN believes conditions are favorable and is confident in its ability to benefit from current market conditions and acquire competitors that are looking to exit the market. With future acquisitions, ACFN expects to become an even larger player in the industry, scale its business, reduce competition and improve margins.

ACFN is hosting a crowdfunding raise on Republic to fund future acquisitions. Investors can join the raise for as low as $150. Previously, ACFN raised over $1 million in capital and in the past 12 months, the company has generated over $14 million in revenue.

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Founded in 1996 and franchised in 2003, ACFN Franchised Inc. (“ACFN”) provides services to 2,700+ businesses in 46 states in collaboration with our network of 220+ franchise owners.Since inception, ACFN has provided a cumulative $5,000,000,000 of spending power to support and increase sales for our partner businesses. In just the last 12 months a total of $367,566,000 was dispensed through our network, generating more than $14,500,000 in fee revenue for ACFN.


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