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What are Social Casinos and Are They Really Free? Find out more on why Social Casinos aren't considered gambling sites...

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Social casinos are considered to be some of the Best No Deposit Casinos, and use a currency called Gold Coins and Sweeps coins, which in turn replace using real money to wager on online casino games. How it works is that when you sign up, you purchase Gold Coins using real money, and use this currency to place wagers. The fact that you do not use your money to wager is simply the main reason social and sweeps casinos aren’t considered gambling sites.

Social casinos and online Sweepstakes have recently become a craze in the United States and are legal in all but 3 states. These are Nevada, Washington, and Idaho. Unlike normal online casinos and betting sites, the legal age to play at a social casino is 18+, which is a huge difference.

The idea behind the social casino is that they remove the so-called “gambling” element from what you consider to be a standard online casino and replace this with the idea that a social casino is so-called “free to play”. But is it really free to play?

Players also can't technically win anything; by anything, we mean real money. You can redeem sweeps coins for cash prizes or other bonuses when you earn sweeps coins whilst playing.

Everything about a social casino seems identical to your standard online casino site, which can confuse new players when they first hear about social casinos.


Are social casinos really free to play?

Your typical online casino makes money from players depositing their funds and playing games such as online slots. So where is the money made at a social casino then? Well, even though you do not deposit funds into your account at a social, you have to purchase gold coin packages, which will then act as your currency to play with.

You could argue that online players are still using their own money to buy gold coins to play casino-style games. If you run out of coins then you only really have two options, you stop playing, or you continue to purchase more gold coins. So, does this make social casinos really a free-to-play gaming experience?

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It may be that in the near future, these types of casinos become a lot more regulated, due to the similarities to real money casinos. But for now, only time will tell if these types of casinos have a positive or negative impact on gambling habits.


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