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Where to Buy Perfume and Fragrance Samples UK - Order Perfumes

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Perfume samples are probably the perfect way to get your hands on a small-size 'try it out' version of any perfume, aftershave or eau de parfum you're thinking about purchasing, without having to shell out for a full bottle.

No matter if you're after a stunning & head-turning fragrance for special events or just something to wear every day to work, having a good gander at different scents can be a quick and cheap way to make smelling these scents easy - and fun, the best way to do this is with Parfumery.co.uk.

In this article, we're going to explore everything you need to know before delving into the world of fragrance samples, including where to get them from, what they are, popular brands and more.

Best Place to Buy Perfume Samples?

When it comes to actually getting your hands on perfume samples, there are a few options.

You can get a quick sample at some fragrance outlets or a perfume shop. These often require you to travel to the shop itself though and you're often limited to a very small quantity of free perfume samples and a small amount of each - usually 1.5ml.

Many people buy them online. If you want to grab hold of a sample online, there are a few things to take note of:-

  • You want to make sure the perfume is 100% genuine. Some unscrupulous sample outlets will either water down their samples or use a clone instead.

  • You want to avoid sellers who use cheap plastic spray bottles. This can affect the life and scent of the colognes if it's been near heat or sunlight.

  • You want a decent selection of well-known fragrance samples. It's no good finding a great place to get aftershave samples for them to only have a handful of scents to choose from!

Thankfully, there's a great place where you can grab multiple samples from a wide variety of premium brands Parfumery.co.uk. They only stock genuine scents and have a huge range of fragrances such as Paco Rabanne, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs. Parfumery also allows you to get from 2.2ml all the way to 30ml+, has a great reputation, convenient service and speedy UK postage on top. They even have exclusive discounts if you sign up for their email list to help you save some money!

What Exactly Are UK Perfume Samples?

When you're looking for a new fragrance, there is an absolute heap to choose from. They vary from cheap colognes and freshen-up sprays all the way up to niche, high-quality extrait de parfums. It can all be a bit confusing.

You want to try out different fragrances to see which one you have a connection with and which resonates with you - or maybe you just found a great review on a youtube channel, but you don't want to have to travel all the way to different shops to try them. Fragrance samples allow you to find your new favourite fragrance or perfect gift easily - it can be as simple as internet shopping.

These sellers will allow you to decide from multiple fragrances and different amounts to sampling. Choosing a smaller amount to sample is great if you just want to get a sense of the smell of that scent, whereas larger amounts such as 5ml or 10ml will allow you to have multiple wears and see how it performs in different situations.

Once you've picked your samples - such as from one of the collections of Dior or Tom Ford, the seller will then decant your chosen scent. This decant will be from an original bottle. They will then ship the sample to you.

Why should you use Perfume And Cologne samples?

There are plenty of different reasons to use a perfume sample:

  • You don't even need to leave your house to try out a new fragrance. The ease and convenience of a sample are unparalleled. You can simply visit a website, view which brands you like and have a sample sent straight to your door.

  • It's a cheap way to discover whether you like a fragrance or not. Niche perfumes such as Tom Ford can break the bank with their hefty price tag - often in the hundreds. A sample will only set you back a small fraction of that, saving you the horror of having a bad blind buy.

  • Using a sample allows you to discover exactly how that fragrance works with your skin chemistry. Everyone's skin is different and will make each fragrance smell slightly different on them, as the depth and strength of different facets will change.

  • They're perfect for travel. You don't want to be lugging around a full bottle of expensive perfume when you go away for a trip. A sample will allow you to take a small amount of fragrance instead of the full thing, making sure you don't risk an expensive perfume getting smashed.

  • They're handy to freshen up for events. Whether it's a wedding, gender reveals parties or a date, you can carry a smaller sample around in your pocket to discreetly freshen up and ensures you're always smelling good.

How to Use Fragrance Samples

So a sample of your new fragrance from the site has just arrived - what to do? Well, give it a spray and get your nose around it! The best thing to do is to test it out on your skin - usually the underside of the wrist area. Testing a sample on your skin allows you to see exactly how that fragrance performs and which facets of the fragrance are the most dominant on your skin.

You can give it a wear and see how the fragrance develops and evolves on you, how it handles the heat or the cold, if other people like it and more.

Popular Perfume Sample Brands For Men and Women

Whilst you can get almost any fragrance as a sample, there are a few that are incredibly popular. These are usually incredibly popular designer names or high-priced niche fragrances. Some of the most popular brands include:

Tom Ford

Arguably the biggest brand in the perfume industry, Tom Ford fragrances command a high price for a reason. Using some of the most advanced blending techniques and rarest ingredients, you don't need to be shelling out £165 or more with a sample.


Creed is also a huge brand in niche perfumes, with its men's fragrance Aventus being one of the most popular fragrances of all time. Obviously, this comes with a massive price tag, with a 50ml flacon of any Creed fragrance setting you back at least a cool £185.

Paco Rabanne

Known for slightly more playful and sweeter perfumes, Paco Rabanne is a well-known designer brand. Whilst their fragrances generally aren't that expensive, they can be a bit out there so it's advised to purchase a sample of their collections before delving in head first.

Ralph Lauren

For the more formal among you, Ralph Lauren perfumes may be the perfect pick. Getting your hands on a decanted sample is easy and can help you pick from their wide range.

Hugo Boss

Boss has an absolutely astounding collection of fragrances - Just their Boss Bottled fragrance has over 20 different follow-up fragrances alone! Getting some decants can save you time, money and the headache of picking between their fragrances.

Carolina Herrera

Known for their funky bottles and scents which have a little attitude, fragrances from this brand can be a bit out there thanks to their inclusion of notes like cannabis or steam. It's always good to try out any sort of more shocking scent as it may be a bit too much for you.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Worn by many celebrities, MFK's Baccarat Rouge 540 is expensive (You'll probably spend over £200 for 70ml!) and opulent. If you want to see what a celebrity smells like and why this brand is so beloved, it's definitely worth getting a sample.


Everyone knows Dior for their luxury clothing and they also convey that luxury through its fragrances. Their Prive collection is high priced but have some incredible fragrances just waiting to be discovered - easily done thanks to the help of samples!


As you can see, Getting perfume samples provides a great range of benefits for a fraction of the cost of shelling out for the full-price fragrance. If this article has you raring to get your hands on some new scents, make sure you use a trusted UK sampling service such as Parfumery when shopping for samples.


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