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Who Called Me From This Phone Number? 10 Best Ways to Find Out!

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When an unknown number calls your phone, or you see an unfamiliar missed call, what's the first thing you do? Most people tend to call back to see if it's a friend, relative, or acquaintance. However, doing so isn't always the best because there might be a scammer/hacker on the other end of the line.

In such instances, it's best to consider finding out who called you from this phone number. This process involves using the unknown number to identify the caller's name, location, address, and social media profiles.

Checking who just called you is essential for several reasons. First, you'll be able to react promptly after knowing if it is an emergency or opportunity. You might also discover that the person who called was a long-lost love or friend. Finally, you can identify spammers and take appropriate steps, such as blocking them.

Nowadays, it's simple to know who called me because of the numerous online reverse phone lookup services. Here is our pick of the ten best ways to find out who called you.

  1.  WhoCallMe.com – Quickest Way To Know Who Called And Block Threats

  2.  WhoseNumber.com – Best Lookup Service with an Extensive Database to Search Phone Numbers

  3.  WhatIsThisNumber.com - Find out Who Is Calling me from This Number Quickly

  4.  NumLooker – The Most Dependable Phone Lookup Service

  5.  CocoFinder – Find Out Who Called You with Comprehensive Search Results

  6.   Spokeo – Efficient Phone Number Lookup Tool for Unknown Numbers

  7.  Intelius – Highly Secure and Private Reverse Phone Lookup Service

  8.  USPhoneLookup.com – Find Out Who’s Calling for Free

  9.  BeenVerified.com - Best To Unmask Catfisher’s Phone Number

  10.  TruthFinder – Best For Revealing Unknown Calling

1. WhoCallMe.com – Quickest Way To Know Who Called And Block Threats

 WhoCallMe is a top-rated phone number lookup website that enables users to quickly identify threats and block them. This website is optimized for fast searches, and once you provide the target phone number in the search box, it'll only take a few seconds to generate relevant results.

Additionally, the WhoCallMe website generates detailed reports based on publicly available information. Using just the phone number, you can see who called you and their civil records, criminal records, and sex offender data, if any.


  • Phone Directory: Provides additional information on phone number owners and phone carriers.

  • Who Called Me: Look up unknown numbers to know who called and their contact details.

  • Discover the address of the person who called: Identify the home or work address of the individual who called you with a simple reverse phone lookup.

Pros & Cons


· Fast searches that only take a few seconds.

· Authentic and reliable reports that are available 24/7.

· Regularly updated servers ensure you get relevant results for your phone number queries.

· Anonymous searches that protect your privacy.


· Service is only available to US-based users.

· You may have to pay a subscription fee to access fully detailed reports.

 Find Out Who Called Me Using WhoCallMe Today! 

2. WhoseNumber.com – Best Lookup Service with an Extensive Database to Search Phone Numbers

 WhoseNumber is an excellent reverse phone lookup website that gathers information from various public, state, and federal databases. This way, you can get vast and precise background information on who called you every time you look up a phone number.

When you look up this phone number on WhoseNumber, you can find out the caller's full name, age, employment history, address, and other information that is available to the public. Searching for who just called is straightforward using WhoseNumber. Just input the target phone number in the provided section and click "search" to get background information on the caller.


  • User-friendly Interface: The website is easy to navigate and access on both mobile and desktop devices.

  • Vast Database: Get detailed reports on the owner of the number from reliable sources.

  • Additional Lookup Service Available: On top of reverse phone lookup, you get to check out the phone directory service and perform an area code lookup based on phone number or city.

Pros & Cons


· High level of security to ensure the anonymity of searches.

· Reliable customer support.

· Detailed reports on the target phone number’s owner.


· Some of the information shared on the website may come across as unnecessary.

 Check out Who Called Me from this Phone Number on WhoseNumber.com 

3. WhatIsThisNumber.com - Find out Who Is Calling me from This Number Quickly

 WhatIsThis Number is distinct from other websites on this list because it offers a purely free 'who called me' service. With this website, you can identify any phone number, whether it is a VOIP, mobile phone, or landline.

Furthermore, WhatIsThisNumber.com also uses a cutting-edge search algorithm that effectively identifies background information relevant to your search in seconds. This way you can quickly identify the name, email ID, alternative contact details, and social media profiles of the person who called you.


  • Free-to-use Service: You don’t have to pay a subscription fee to perform reverse phone lookups.

  • Helpful Guides: Informative guides on correctly conducting a phone number lookup are available.

  • Secured Searches: It uses a high level of data encryption and SSL certificate to safeguard your privacy.

Pros & Cons


· Detailed reports provide virtually all the background information you need on your mysterious caller.

· An easy-to-use website with quick, efficient data retrieval.

· Unlimited free searches


· Access to service is restricted in some areas.

· Background information from this website may not be 100% accurate.

 Lookup Your Mysterious Caller Today and See Whether You Need to Call Back 

4. NumLooker – The Most Dependable Phone Lookup Service

 NumLooker is a reliable phone lookup service available at any time and has a regularly updated database to ensure you get authentic and the most recent search results. Within minutes, you can uncover the mysterious caller's identity, credit history, employment background, and much more.

This website offers several filtering options to help you get refined search results and the information you need faster. Also, NumLooker has an easy-to-navigate website that simplifies access to their lookup services. All the information you find on NumLooker comes only from credible sources, such as public-sector institutions.


  • Email Lookup: See who has been sending you emails as well as their personal background information

  • People Search: Look up people and their details based on their first and last names.

  • Public Records Search: Check a person’s divorce, marriage, criminal, arrest, and court records.

Pros & Cons


· You can look up phone numbers for free

· Accurate and regularly updated information

· Quick processing of search queries

· Special filtering to improve the accuracy of results



· Only available in the US

· Some reports may not provide all background information on the target phone number

 Get a detailed report on your mysterious caller using NumLooker now! 

5. CocoFinder – Find Out Who Called You with Comprehensive Search Results

 CocoFinder has been a top and most loved people search platform for years now. It's famous for its comprehensive and dependable search results from its extensive database and reliable sources. Its phone number lookup reports include detailed information on callers' identities and background information.

The website is mobile-optimized and has advanced filtering features that ease users' search process, making it more seamless and straightforward. It can generate reports in minutes and compile them into an easily comprehensible format for quicker understanding.


  • People finder: This feature will reveal people’s information when you search for their name.

  • Background check: Allows retrieval of an individual’s basic information such as their contact details, identity, and social media profiles.

  • Who called me: helps you to know who called from an unknown cell phone or telephone number.

  • Public records search: They include a person's address, court records, education history, and more.

  • Address lookup: It provides more details on a caller's location and information on a property.

Pros & Cons


· Free reverse phone number search

· Comprehensive and accurate reports

· Instantly generated search results


· Free trial lookup reports are limited

  Check Who Called Me by CocoFinder’s Report today! 

6. Spokeo – Efficient Phone Number Lookup Tool for Unknown Numbers

 Spokeo is among the largest and most used reverse phone search engines globally due to its quickly generated and accurate results on unknown callers. It provides this service through a paid subscription and its user-friendly and all-inclusive interface.

The website has access to broad information databases, giving its users every available detail there’s to know about a phone number owner. It also offers a useful mobile app for android-based users, which makes the whole lookup process even more seamless and trouble-free.


  • Email search: This allows you to find relevant details associated with a specific email address.

  • Reverse phone lookup: You can use this feature to find out who called me.

  • Address search: Helps to learn more about a particular address or property.

  • People search: This feature gives more details about an individual, including their criminal records, addresses, and social media profiles.

Pros & Cons


· Extensive database

· Easy to navigate website even for new users

· Simple to cancel a subscription


· Requires a paid subscription to access data

· Mobile app only available for Android users

 Visit Spokeo today to find out your caller’s identity! 

7. Intelius – Highly Secure and Private Reverse Phone Lookup Service

 Intelius is an excellent website to check who called me anonymously. All its searches are confidential and protected with 256-bit encryption, hence you don't have to worry about the phone number owner knowing about your search.

Phone reports from this platform can disclose owner details, history, phone type, location, additional contacts, and social media profiles. All this is thanks to its comprehensive databases from legit and reliable sources.


  • Subscribers' anonymity: Allows you to know who called from a particular number without them knowing.

  • Background check: This feature provides complete details on people, including their contact and identity information.

  • Public record search gives detailed information from public data sources, such as criminal records and contact details.

  • Unlimited searches to paid subscriptions: You can run as many searches as you need with a paid subscription.

Pros & Cons


· Speedy reverse number lookups

· Provides detailed and accurate reports

· The website promises guaranteed privacy and top-notch security

· Unlimited background checks


· Users need a paid subscription to conduct unlimited searches

· The service is only available to US users.

 Find out who’s number is calling you from Intelius now! 

8. USPhoneLookup.com – Find Out Who’s Calling for Free

 USPhoneLookup is the best option if you're looking to find out whose mobile number is calling without incurring additional costs. It can reveal a caller's identity in minutes and other crucial details related to them in one understandable report.

Anyone can easily use their platform, even new users. You simply require to enter the number you wish to look up in the search bar, click 'Search,' and your report will be generated in no time. Some of the details you can expect from this website's phone search include the caller's name, age, social media profiles, address, neighbors, education, job title, alternate phone numbers, and more.


  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup : Find out who called to determine whether or not to call them back.

  • Phone Directory Lookup: Browse a complete listing of US area codes as well as the most searched phone numbers in the US.

  • Quick Access to Reports: Get accurate information on your unknown caller within minutes thanks to US phone Lookup’s state-of-the-art search engine.

  • Dedicated Blog: Learn more about looking up phone numbers, the do’s and dont’s and other essential information using the US Phone Lookup blog.

Pros & Cons


· Simple to use

· Safe and anonymous searches

· Fast and efficient service

· Comprehensive and accurate reports


· Search capabilities are only available to US residents/callers

 Get a full report on your unknown caller using USPhoneLookup today! 

9. BeenVerified – All-inclusive and Highly Educative Reverse Phone Lookup Engine

 BeenVerified is a well-known people search engine providing extensive information searches. Besides the phone number search service, the website also offers educational articles and content on the subject, helping users learn more ways to protect themselves from scammers.

Furthermore, BeenVerified services are simple and fast. It can generate reliable reports within a few minutes of running an unknown phone number lookup. Also, you can conduct other types of searches on the website, including email, address, and name search.


  • Users’ anonymity ensures your identity remains confidential when you run a phone number search.

  • People search helps you look up people with their names.

  • Secured Anonymous Searches: Look up phone numbers without worrying about data security and anonymity.

  • Vast database: BeenVerified has billions of data points sources within their database to help you look up unknown phone numbers.

Pros & Cons


· Fast and easy-to-use interface

· Extensive reports from reliable and up-to-date sources

· Guaranteed user privacy and safety

· Instant search results


· Sometimes provides too much unnecessary information.

 Instantly know who is calling you with BeenVerified now! 

10. TruthFinder – Best For Revealing Unknown Calling

 TruthFinder is connected to vast public databases that allow it to retrieve timely and efficient background details on almost anyone when you perform a phone number lookup. This website has been around for 7+ years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, meaning they are well versed in providing phone lookup services.

This tool can generate details such as the target person's full name, history, age, education, employment history, and any other publicly available information. It can also disclose details to any publicly registered or online businesses.

Unlike most search engines, TruthFinder also provides dark web scans that can uncover more background data on you, other people, and properties.


  • App for iOS and Android users: facilitates quick searches for users

  • FCRA Compliant: Truth Finder complies with all the set guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  • People search helps users find people’s details using their names.

  • Reverse phone lookup provides accurate data on unknown callers

  • Public records search: This engine offers comprehensive information from public data sources.

Pros & Cons


· Unlimited searches on paid plans

· An easily navigable website with helpful educative content

· Includes updated information on reports

· Mobile apps available for both iOS and Android users


· No trial period offered

 Use TruthFinder to generate a detailed report of your unknown caller in seconds! 


Using a reverse phone search service is the most reliable and effective way to find out whose number is calling you. It eliminates the hassle of dealing with annoying robocalls, fraudsters, survey companies, and telemarketing calls.

With a good lookup service, you can control which calls to receive and ignore without risking any consequences. You’ll know whether your caller is a potential customer, business partner, relative, or just another telemarketer looking to promote their brand.

The ten reverse phone number search services mentioned above are the leading options you can consider today. However, it's best to compare them to select the one fitting your situation.

For instance, some can be accessed by anyone internationally while others do not, or others can be free, and some require a paid subscription. Nonetheless, all the aforementioned tools can help you determine the identities of unknown callers, and it’s totally up to you to decide the necessary action to take.


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