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Why Has The Solana Price Dipped? This New Altcoin Has The Community Buzzing

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On 9th November we saw Solana hit $77, dipping to $64 on 13th November and currently standing at $72. Many Solana investors ask themselves why the dip happened. Is there a new altcoin that could rise despite the crypto market being down?

Solana (SOL): Following the King

With Bitcoin reaching the year's high at $44,620, many coins followed its surge. Solana followed with a 38% rise during the last month. Double that of Bitcoin with its 18%: However, the 11th December correction pushed Bitcoin down to $40,500.

Although Solana has many benefits of its own, everything that happens with BTC echoes throughout the crypto community. As Bitcoin corrects itself to $40,500, Solana hits $68. We can also see Solana's second dip on the 13th, down to a week low of $64. This matches the Bitcoin price dip back to $40,800.

As Bitcoin grows 4.7% today, Solana is up 10.14%. Every altcoin, even Solana, heavily depends on the SEC and ETF resolutions. However, until then, when BTC goes down, Solana will likely follow. Bitcoin, Solana, and other cryptos have fairly tied their fate together.

Everlodge (ELDG): A New Altcoin That Surges Independently of Bitcoin

There’s a new surging altcoin that isn’t as tied to Bitcoin as Solana and other altcoins.

 Everlodge is based on real estate and physical properties, making it dependent on real-world income streams instead of price speculation.

Everlodge is the Airbnb of crypto. Villas and hotels are minted into fractionalized NFTs sold on an open market. Investors in those properties earn passive income from the renting profits. This feature makes Everlodge more resistant to Bitcoin dips since the passive income remains the same regardless of Bitcoin's price. If Bitcoin were to disappear, Everlodge would still be here shooting passive profits to your wallet.

At the same time, Everlodge gains popularity as crypto does as well. Because of the additional interest in the project, Bitcoin's growth makes Everlodge grow as well. This makes Everlodge unique in its feature of benefiting from Bitcoin growth while also avoiding being brought down when Bitcoin is falling.

You can purchase fractions of real estate instead of a whole house and still enjoy the perks of being an owner. By holding the ERC-20 token you can even earn free stays in properties across the ecosystem. This approach that guarantees passive income has been hailed by many for its dip-resistant features. While also holding a huge growth potential in the $300 trillion real estate market.

Because of these features, analysts are predicting it is going to hit $0.035 during the presale phase and hit x30 at the launch date. It won’t be available at these prices for long as the presale moves forward. Visit the official Everlodge website before these low prices are no longer available.


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