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Why Have Social Casinos Become So Popular, and Will the Hype Die Down? Find our more here about how social casinos have become so popular what makes them attractive to online casino players.

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Social Casinos are something that has taken the US Casino scene by storm, offering players some of the best online gaming experiences available. The concept of the online social casino is something quite relatively new, and in the last few years, it has become the talk of the town for players looking for a so-called “free to play” casino experience.

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As of 2021, the social casino gaming market was estimated to be worth around 6 billion dollars (USD), with growth expected to be upwards of 9 billion dollars (USD) in 2027. A huge amount of money? Absolutely. So the question is, why have they become so popular? Let's go into it a little bit further.

Why have Social Casinos become so Popular?

With the recent global pandemic bringing almost all outdoor and social interaction to a standstill for some time, players were unable to access the standard brick-and-mortar casino. So, what did they play? Well, the only real option was to play online casinos, and this is where social and sweeps casinos stepped in. There is no doubt that people spent more time than ever on the Internet during the pandemic, and this is a large contributing factor to the success of online social casinos.

Social casinos appear to boast the reputation of being “free to play” in the way that players do not actually use their own money to wager directly on table games, slots, or even bets. Other than being able to claim casino welcome bonuses, like the exciting   Chumba Promo, when signing up to these sites, players are required to buy Gold Coin packages. This is the currency used at social casinos where players wager on their favorite games and slots. Because players do not use their own funds to wager and instead buy Gold Coins and wager these, online social casinos are not actually classed as gambling sites. Being able to buy Gold Coins is a useful way to limit the amount of direct deposits that may occur at a real money casino site.

When it comes to gambling regulations, and because social casinos are not really classed as gambling sites, there are very few laws surrounding this topic. One of the main reasons for the rise in popularity of social casinos is that the minimum age that a player needs to be in order to play is 18+, considerably lower than the average minimum age requirement for players at a real money gambling site, being 21+. Allowing for players aged 18+ to play opens the door to a bigger market and would indeed allow players aged 18-21 access to casino-style games. In addition to this, social casinos are currently legal in all but 3 states of America. The 3 states are Idaho, Nevada, and Washington.

One of the reasons you may go to a casino or go back to one would possibly be because you enjoy playing a particular type of game, such as blackjack or roulette, maybe slot games. Social casinos offer pretty much everything you can find at a real money casino, from table games and slots to exciting casino bonuses and VIP rewards. The concept of a social casino is that players enjoy the experience of playing the best casino games and interacting with other players online rather than typically playing to win.

Will the popularity of social casinos ever drop off?

It is a tough question to answer, but there are a few factors that we can look at with social casinos that, over time, may see a decrease in the popularity of social and sweepstakes casinos.

One of these factors simply is that players can’t exactly win the biggest prizes that can be found at a real money casino. Real money casinos typically offer players larger prizes with jackpots and table games, sometimes providing larger returns for players who are lucky enough to win them. The risk at a real money casino is far greater than that of a social casino, as you are directly depositing and wagering your own funds in order to play.

In regards to talking about the increase of players during the pandemic due to higher Internet usage, especially in 2021, we may start to see a drop in online players. As time goes on, many people are back to their normal routines and have less time to spend on the Internet, thus potentially creating a decrease in players at social casinos. Only time will tell.


What are the best social casino sites?

Some of the best social casino sites are considered to be:

  • Chumba Casino

  • LuckyLand Slots

  • Pulsz

You can find out more here with our Pulsz Casino Review, where we talk about the casinos' pros and cons, its key features, and the brilliant games offered.

Are social casinos considered gambling?

No, social casinos are not considered gambling. This is because players wager bets using gold coins rather than their own funds that you would otherwise deposit into your account.

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