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Xalles announces subsidiary CashX partners with Fluid Tech to enhance Virtual Gift Cards

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Xalles Holdings subsidiary CashX CEO Stephen Combe joined Steve Darling from Proactive to announce an exciting partnership between the company's subsidiary, CashXAI, and Fluid Tech, a pioneer in virtual gift card technology and advertising platforms. This collaboration aims to revolutionize financial services by introducing virtual Gift Cards to CashX users.

Combe explained to Proactive that through this partnership, CashX users now have the opportunity to purchase and send Fluid Tech's V-Cards, offering a unique and personalized way to gift. These virtual gift cards can be redeemed for a diverse range of nationally recognized brands, providing recipients with unparalleled convenience and choice. Furthermore, the initiative supports cause marketing by enabling a percentage of V-Card proceeds to be donated to charity, enhancing the social impact of every transaction.

In addition to enhancing the gifting experience, the collaboration introduces a significant advertising platform to CashX's ecosystem. The platform features content from prominent companies such as P&G, Pepsi/Coke, and others, enriching the CashX service offering. This partnership not only benefits CashX users by providing access to a wider array of gift options but also opens new revenue streams for participating companies and merchants through increased visibility and engagement.

Overall, the partnership between CashXAI and Fluid Tech represents a strategic move to enhance the financial services offered by CashX while providing users with innovative gifting solutions. By leveraging virtual Gift Cards and integrating a robust advertising platform, CashX is well-positioned to deliver value to both users and participating businesses, fostering growth and driving engagement within its ecosystem.


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