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YoReSpot - A NEW Social Media Platform Available for both Apple and Android Smart Phones

News release by YoReSpot

facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon Bayard, Iowa | April 27, 2021 05:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

The world of social media has opened up yet again with another app and website. YoReSpot is a new app designed around two concepts – unity and community. Unlike many social media services, YoReSpot is against censorship, negativity, and a closed mind. Even those with conflicting views have the opportunity to come, have a voice, and use it without fear of repercussion.

Founder Brandon Irlbeck grew weary of watching opposing views to social media moguls and giants censored. Irlbeck’s background in computer science, a drive to be better than the others, a strong sense of family, and 100 percent unbiased towards anyone’s views, personal identifications, religion, or much anything else. The only things absolutely censored are anything inappropriate for children. Irlbeck is a father of four, one of whom is non-verbal autistic.

YoReSpot is 100 percent independent and is hosted on a secure and private server. This means there is no 3rd party interference with the app, website, or users. The system also allows for video calling, live streaming, blogs, groups, pages, a marketplace, and videos. There is no charge to sign up, and doing so only takes a few seconds.

Irlbeck summed it up best, “giving back to our members is something that YoReSpot is proud of. We want to make sure that our members know we are all about how we can help each other as a community.”

Many would see this as empty words from a new social media platform trying to gain traction against established giants. Irlbeck has so far proven to many this is not the case and will continue to do so as YoReSpot continues to grow and thrive.

Recently, as part of the app’s official launch, Irlbeck held a raffle for his family car. The proceeds went to help the Bayard Public Library in Irlbeck’s hometown. Colton Truitt of Ankeny, Iowa, was the winner of the 2006 Chevy Uplander. Amanda Cole of Carroll, Iowa, won the $1,000.00 prize.

Irlbeck and his family are soon to set out in their RV. They are planning to travel and assist users of YoReSpot in any way they can. Their goal is to share the platform with as many people as possible and help as many as possible along the way. Their first stop is Marion, Iowa, home of Adrian Hicks. The Irlbeck’s plan on helping Hicks with roofing his home before moving onto the next person and YoReSpotter in need.

YoReSpot is available on Android and iOS. Download, or visit https://yorespot.com for details.

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