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zkLink Nova Launches Mainnet, The First ZK Stack-based Aggregated Layer 3 Rollup Built on zkSync

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In an unprecedented leap forward for the blockchain industry, zkLink is proud to announce the public mainnet launch of zkLink Nova, the industry’s first Aggregated Layer 3 zkEVM rollup network based on zkSync’s ZK Stack & zkLink Nova. zkLink Nova unifies liquidity and assets from Ethereum and Layer 2 rollups onto one interoperable platform, providing developers with a zkEVM-compatible decentralized application (dApp) deployment through the ZK Stack Hyperchain.

Being an Aggregated Layer 3 Rollup, zkLink Nova addresses the three major roadblocks that have restricted scaling across the Ethereum ecosystem – liquidity fragmentation across Layer 2 blockchains, complexities associated with multi-chain dApp development, and poor user experience due to the isolation of assets and applications across chains.

Layer 2 Ecosystem Collaboration

The cornerstone of the zkLink Nova mainnet is its comprehensive integration with leading Layer 2s, including Arbitrum, Linea, Manta, Mantle, and zkSync. zkLink Nova acts as a connective layer between the Layer 2 Rollups, enhancing liquidity and asset transfers across the Ethereum ecosystem.

“By leveraging the strengths of zkSync’s ZK Stack & Linea’s ZK Proof-verification capabilities, Nova is stack agnostic and is able to connect to any ZK & OP Layer 2,” said Vince Yang, CEO and co-founder of zkLink. “This represents a major milestone for both zkLink and the wider Ethereum ecosystem as DApps will have access to broader liquidity and more users, potentially unlocking exciting new use cases for their existing L2 assets.”

The integration of Layer 2s with zkLink Nova underscores a shared vision for a more unified and efficient blockchain ecosystem. zkLink Nova’s role in pioneering the Aggregated Layer 3 concept is the answer to the Layer 2’s dire need for more interconnection among ecosystems. The general purpose architecture in zkLink Nova’s Aggregated Layer 3 enables developers to easily build, deploy and scale dApps using Solidity smart contracts, saving them time and resources.

Securing the Future of Blockchain with ZK Proofs

Nova’s Aggregated Layer 3 environment removes bridges and gas fees from the equation, reducing security risks and improving user experience. By utilizing ZK Proofs in its architecture, every transaction on Nova undergoes verification before it is processed, giving the zkLink Nova mainnet Ethereum grade security.

“The Nova Aggregated Layer 3 mainnet utilizes Linea as the primary rollup for ZK proof-verification through zkLink’s Nexus settlement layer technology. Being secure, EVM-equivalent and cost effective, Nova leverages Linea’s ZK-Rollup for faster multi-chain state synchronization and hard finality that settles on the Ethereum network,” said Linea Product Lead, Declan Fox.

For DApp users, zkLink Nova removes complexity and simplifies asset transfers across Ethereum and Layer 2s while keeping transactions secure. DApp users can directly deposit their assets from Ethereum or any of the integrated Layer 2s into zkLink Nova’s unified platform to transact seamlessly or interact with its ecosystem of dApps, greatly enhancing the user experience for all.

The mainnet launch of zkLink Nova is the first of its kind in solving Ethereum’s liquidity fragmentation problem while simplifying multi-chain complexities. By uniting major Ethereum Layer 2s together, zkLink Nova is taking the lead towards advancing blockchain of value, realizing a unified and interoperable rollup ecosystem with greater capital efficiency for all users.

About zkLink

Dedicated to unifying liquidity and scaling the Ethereum ecosystem, zkLink is pioneering Aggregated Rollup solutions to bridge the ecosystem siloes within the blockchain space. By facilitating a more interconnected, efficient, and accessible digital asset environment, zkLink is driving forward the vision of a unified and decentralized blockchain ecosystem without boundaries.

About zkLink Nova

zkLink Nova is the pioneering Aggregated Layer 3 Rollup zkEVM network that brings unprecedented liquidity and asset aggregation to Ethereum and its Layer 2 Rollups. Built with ZK Stack and zkLink Nexus, it leverages ZK Proofs to enhance scalability and security. Developers enjoy an open platform for deploying Solidity smart contracts and instantly tapping into integrated networks like Arbitrum and zkSync. Nova simplifies DeFi by presenting a unified ecosystem for users and DApps, promoting a seamless blockchain experience.


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