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Mediazest's Geoff Robertson on audio-visual solutions for big brands and market expansion

Mediazest PLC

Mediazest PLC CEO Geoff Robertson gives Proactive's Stephen Gunnion an overview of the company's operations and recent developments. Mediazest, an audiovisual solutions provider, operates in markets such as retail, automotive showrooms, and workspace offices. The company, established nearly 20 years ago, counts well-known brands like Pets at Home, Hyundai, and Jaguar Land Rover among its clients. Mediazest focuses on a holistic, consultative approach, ensuring high-quality delivery and ongoing support. Robertson highlighted the company's European expansion with a Dutch subsidiary established in late 2022, which has enabled better service for EU clients. Following a challenging 2023, Mediazest has seen improvements in 2024, with a positive trading update indicating a strong first half and a promising second half of the year. Robertson mentioned the potential for both organic growth and acquisitions to expand their market presence, noting the ripe conditions for consolidations within the industry. Looking ahead, Mediazest aims to capitalise on opportunities in digital signage, electric vehicle showrooms, and hybrid meeting technologies. Robertson expressed optimism about the company's ability to leverage these trends and deliver value to its clients. Contact Details Proactive UK Proactive UK +44 20 7989 0813

May 17, 2024 02:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Chariot progresses onshore Morocco drill program in what it describes as a pivotal year

Chariot Ltd

Chariot Ltd (AIM:CHAR, OTC:OIGLF) technical director Duncan Wallace discusses the company's onshore Morocco drill program following results from the RZK-1 well on the Gaufrette prospect. Despite the first well not resulting in a commercial discovery, Wallace highlighted positive findings such as better-than-expected reservoir quality and significant gas peaks. The well was drilled on time and on budget, demonstrating the company’s operational efficiency. The preliminary view suggests the gas play is promising. Chariot is now shifting focus to a second well on the Dartois prospect, targeting a different reservoir system. This well is expected to provide further insights into the area’s potential. Wallace remains optimistic, noting that past drilling in the region has indicated the presence of gas. Wallace explained that the company has two major projects in the region: offshore development and exploration in partnership with energy companies, and an onshore exploration license obtained in mid-2023. He emphasised that this year is pivotal for Chariot, with significant drilling activities both onshore and offshore. The offshore project could be transformative, potentially delivering a substantial gas development and enhancing Morocco's energy security. Contact Details Proactive UK Proactive UK +44 20 7989 0813

May 17, 2024 02:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Immunic chief medical officer discusses promising treatments to mark World IBD Day

Immunic Inc

Immunic Inc (NASDAQ:IMUX) chief medical officer Dr Andreas Muehler discusses Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion to mark World IBD Day on May 19. Muehler explained that IBD encompasses Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, characterised by an immune response triggered by the interaction between gut bacteria and the immune system, leading to bowel wall damage and ulcerations. This condition affects 1-2% of the population, presenting significant social challenges due to symptoms like diarrhoea and abdominal pain, which can limit social and professional activities. Currently, IBD is managed with immunosuppressive drugs, which, while effective, increase susceptibility to infections and other autoimmune diseases and often show immunosuppression. Dr Muehler highlighted the need for treatments that do not suppress the immune system. Immunic Inc. has been exploring new therapies, including a drug that strengthens the bowel barrier. A recent phase two trial with Vidofludimus calcium (IMU-838) in ulcerative colitis showed promising results in maintaining remission. This drug, primarily tested in multiple sclerosis, is part of a class not previously tested in large IBD trials. Another promising drug, IMU-856, aims to regenerate the bowel barrier, preventing harmful interactions between gut bacteria and the immune system without immunosuppression. This drug has shown positive results in animal experiments as well as in healthy volunteers and celiac disease trials. Immunic currently evaluates potential testing of IMU-856 in IBD. Contact Details Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

May 17, 2024 02:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Fah Mai Holdings' Jacob Carter explains auction process

Fah Mai Holdings Group Inc

Fah Mai Holdings UK head and manager of @whiskybullauctions Jacob Carter takes Proactive's Stephen Gunnion through the process of selling at auction. Initial contact can be made through the website’s chat box, email, or phone. Sellers need to provide a complete list of what they wish to auction. Fah Mai Holdings ensures transparency in pricing, providing honest valuations based on current market trends. Carter explained that the company charges a 7% commission to the buyer, with free membership, listing, and reserve fees. Storage costs £1 per year per bottle. Additionally, sellers receive an extra 1% on the hammer price. Sellers can send bottles directly to the company or use their insured collection service. The company conducts two auctions per month, each lasting 2 to 4 days. Types of auctions include no reserve, branded, and quarterly cask auctions. Auctions feature bottles and casks from global offices in New Jersey and Singapore. After the auction, sellers are provided with detailed receipts and are kept informed throughout the process. Contact Details Proactive UK +44 20 7989 0813

May 17, 2024 02:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Ilika CEO highlights strong 2024 financial performance and key developments

Ilika PLC

Ilika PLC CEO Graeme Purdy discusses the company’s positive trading update for the year to 30 April 2024 with Proactive London’s Stephen Gunnion. The company expects to announce revenues of approximately £2.1 million from £0.7 million a year earlier and ended the period with cash and cash equivalents of £11.9 million, providing a solid foundation for future operations. Key highlights included a ten-year licensing agreement with Cirtec Medical LLC in the US to commercialise miniature batteries for medical devices and wireless sensors. Additionally, Ilika announced a 12-month collaboration with the Tata Group’s Agratas to develop Goliath cells, aiming for a 50 amp-hour battery by the first half of 2025. The company’s financial position is supplemented by a recent £1.7 million capital raise aimed at advancing the Goliath programme. Planned investments include upgrading dry room capabilities to handle moisture-sensitive materials and enhancing testing equipment for larger battery prototypes. Purdy also provided an update on the Stereax production line, noting significant progress at the Massachusetts facility, with equipment commissioning and qualification underway. Contact Details Proactive UK Ltd +44 20 7989 0813

May 17, 2024 02:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Roofer911 Sets New Standards in the Construction Industry with Comprehensive Roofing Services

Prodigy Press Wire

Roofer911 has established a reputation as a premier company specializing in exterior repairs and replacements for both residential and commercial properties, serving Northern Virginia for over 30 years. Its impressive portfolio showcases its expertise in roof replacement and repair and its commitment to excellent workmanship that guarantees client satisfaction. The class A contractor company offers various services, including roof repair, hidden leak detection through infrared scanning, skylight leak solutions, and metal roofing. Improper installation of architectural shingles can lead to multiple leaks, but the Roofer911 team ensures correct installation. It also solves attic condensation, repairs flat roofs, and accepts commercial roofing projects. Roofer911 provides immediate assistance in emergencies brought by damage from wind, hail, rain, or snow. In addition, it offers roof replacement services, adhering strictly to manufacturer specifications. Besides its comprehensive services, the company's unique proposition revolves around its white-glove approach. Its team prioritizes clear communication from the first contact. Each team member is dedicated to guiding clients even if their issue falls outside their scope. Moreover, Roofer911 provides free inspections and detailed reports to clients, helping them understand potential risks and costs. "We don't only focus on providing our service. We also make sure that we let homeowners know about their roof's condition, like its life expectancy and type, so they stay informed and know exactly about their home's roofing needs. In short, we want them to be experts in their own homes," Co-Owner Austin Milam remarks. The company also prides itself in its transparency, as it promptly sends estimates and addresses any additional issues its team might encounter during inspections, often at discounted rates. Roofer911's expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction are evident from client testimonials. A homeowner with a 30-year-old leaking roof says, "The same day I called, Austin came to look at the roof and scheduled a replacement shortly thereafter. The roof replacement was done from start to finish in one day, and they also threw in a gutter replacement for my sunroom. I am very happy with Roofer911's work and highly recommend them to anyone who needs a roof replacement." Similarly, another client recounts a recent emergency where strong winds damaged their roof's ridge vent, leaving their attic exposed to rain. After frustrating encounters with other roofers, they turned to Roofer911 and were amazed by the team's swift response and efficient service. This dedication reflects Milam's commitment to setting new benchmarks for what a roofing company can achieve. He has always been passionate about the roofing business as he recognizes its immense potential to contribute to the construction industry's advancement. Starting from the ground up, Milam immersed himself in every aspect of the roofing trade. The forward-thinking man learned the ropes by asking seasoned professionals questions, conducting inspections, and understanding the ins and outs of roof repairs and replacements. His interest in how things work, strategic mindset, and academic background in finance positioned him well for future leadership. Ultimately, with Austin Milam's guidance, the company is bound to set new standards in the industry. Roofer911's commitment to excellence remains as it prioritizes transparent communication, prompt response times, and providing homeowners knowledge to help them make informed decisions regarding their roofing needs. Media Contact Name: Austin Milam Email: Release ID: 1026642

May 17, 2024 01:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Condor Gold CEO Mark Child Provides Comprehensive Update on La India Project in Nicaragua

Condor Gold PLC

Condor Gold CEO Mark Child joined Steve Darling from Proactive to offer a detailed update on the La India project in Nicaragua. The company holds full ownership of the project, which boasts 2.4 million ounces of high-grade gold, evenly distributed between open-pit and underground resources. Notably, about half of the resource is categorized as indicated, with the open-pit section carrying a probable mineral reserve of over 600,000 ounces. With a vast land package spanning 580 km², Condor Gold sees significant exploration potential. The project is poised for development, having secured necessary permits, purchased surface rights, and completed preliminary site clearing. Moreover, the current surge in gold prices, far exceeding the $1,600 per ounce utilized in the feasibility study, enhances the project's value, potentially leading to substantial increases in EBITDA and NPV. Highlighting its strategic initiatives, Condor Gold is divesting some assets, with eight companies under NDA and three site visits already conducted. Advanced discussions are ongoing with a gold producer and two other interested parties, aimed at bringing in an adept mine builder to maximize shareholder value and benefit the local community. Moreover, Condor Gold underscores its dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. The company is deeply engaged with the community, undertaking initiatives such as water purification projects and programs for youth and the elderly, aligning with its commitment to responsible and sustainable operations. Contact Details Proactive UK Ltd +44 20 7989 0813

May 17, 2024 12:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Phrasly.AI introduces AI Bypass Technology for Digital and Content Creators.

Rev Up Marketers

Phrasly.AI is a newly established digital platform for AI-powered content creation and humanization. In the latest record, the company has announced the launch of its new feature of AI Bypass Technology. This feature is developed to improve and alter the landscape of AI-humanized content. The AI humanizer feature of Phrasly.AI enhances capabilities, empowering writers to produce more nuanced and contextually accurate human-like content. Since its launch in the late 2023, Phrasly.AI has quickly grown as preferred tool for writers aiming to bypass AI detectors. In just a year, Phrasly.AI has changed the narratives and set new boundaries of content creation, enabling professional writers, marketers, and students to produce content that truly engages readers by making robotic content sound human. Moving forward, the AI detector of Phrasly.AI distinguishes itself from other AI bypass tools through its advanced AI detection technology and user-friendly interface. These features ensure that users, regardless of their technical knowledge and experience, can easily bypass AI detectors. Phrasly.AI’s innovative technology generates accurate, reliable and adeptly distinguishing between human and AI-generated content- a feat even human struggles with. With the new developments, AI Bypass Technology facilitates its users with following features: AI Detection: AI Humanization: Content Creation: Furthermore, the AI Bypass Technology leverages advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze the content’s purpose and target audience. It then applies sophisticated linguistic adjustments, incorporating industry-specific jargon, regional dialects, and appropriate tones to make the content sound naturally human. Writers can easily access the feature through Phrasyl.AI’s intuitive interface. By simply selecting the desired context from a dropdown menu, users can instantly transforms their content to meet the specific requirement of their audience. This new feature integrates seamlessly with Phrasly.AI’s existing tools, providing a comprehensive solution for content creation and humanization. Consequently, with the release of the AI Bypass Technology, Phrasyl.AI continues to focus on to address a significant need for businesses and individuals alike, offering a powerful tool to overcome the challenges posed to traditional content detectors and creating content that truly speaks human readers. About the Company – Phrasly.AI Phrasyl.AI is an AI-powered platform developed to empower writers, marketers, and business with innovative AI bypass technology. Since its launch in 2023, the platform has transformed content creation by providing tools that make robotic content sound human. For further details, potential content creators and writers can visit the following links: Website | LinkedIn | X Contact Details Phrasly LLC Daniel P. +1 302-203-9836 Company Website

May 17, 2024 12:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Sunstone Metals one step closer to El Palmar resource amid strong trenching results


Sunstone Metals Ltd (ASX:STM) managing director Patrick Duffy joins Elisha Newell in the Proactive studio soon after completing a site visit at the company’s gold and copper prospects in Ecuador.The precious and base metal explorer is progressing towards a sizeable maiden resource at its El Palmar T1 porphyry discovery, where recent assays from trenching revealed substantial surface mineralisation.Notable results include 40.4 metres at 0.86 g/t gold and 524 ppm copper in trench P6-7d and 21 metres at 0.34 g/t gold and 714 ppm copper in trench P6-7c, with both trenches open on all sides.Commenting on the gold and copper findings, Duffy highlighted the extent and shallow nature of the El Palmar mineralisation — characteristics which are certain to guide the explorer’s future drilling programs.Beyond the next phase of work, Sunstone plans to incorporate the trenching assays into a maiden resource, assess the potential for mineralisation beyond the original T1 target and test targets T1, T2, and T5.The news comes soon after the company announced it was raising up to $6.3 million from new and existing institutional, professional and sophisticated investors to support its Ecuadorian exploration programs.An oversubscribed placement in early May brought in a $2 million war chest, while a non-renounceable rights issue could raise up to $4.3 million before costs.Proceeds will help Sunstone resume drilling operations at the Limon epithermal discovery and sustain exploration across the El Palmar and Verde Chico sites. Contact Details Proactive Investors Jonathan Jackson +61 413 713 744

May 17, 2024 12:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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